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Remnants HC VS Sevenoaks HC

By Aurelie

Team: Aimee (C), Martina, Tati, Valerie, Louise R, Louise A, Jess, Mel, Sabe, Lesley, Jane, Aurelie

Venue: Colfe's School

Weather: rainy and cold

Score at half time : 0-0

FT score: 2-1


The rain did not put us off and in the first half Rems ladies has some great chances at the goal and a few short corners. It was great to see some channeling and jabbing as practised during training on Tuesday! :-)

After 10 minutes in the second half, Louise R managed to push the ball into the goal and just 5 minutes later Lesley did the same and Rems were 2-0 up with 20 minutes to go. Maybe it was the motivating chat from captain Aimee or maybe the oranges at half time, the fact is everyone stayed focused and carried on supporting each other, making the tackles and fighting each ball.

As the last whistle was blown, so was a short corner for Sevenoaks... Most of their players were in our D and they scored after a great pass in front of Martina.

Well done everyone who played yesterday and special mention to Lou R (POTM) who did an amazing job in midfield and Jane who had not played for a few months but made a difference in defence.

In the evening, members of Remnants HC met again at SAMA Bankside for our first social of the season. Some great food, a few nice cocktails and a game of Beer Pong were the perfect combo for a good night out.

A few dates for your calendar:

-Rush Hockey at 7.30pm at Newlands Academy on 25 September

-Home game at 2.30pm at Colfe's school on 29 September against Bromley and Beckenham

-Training at 7pm at Colfe's School on 2nd October

-Away game at 10.15am at Gravesend against Meopham on 6th October


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