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The building of a team

by Aurelie

Hi everyone,

I haven't had much time to update the blog recently but thought it would be great to give you an update on training and matches as we approach the half season break. Since September, we have had around 15/16 people turning up for training, 10 of these people are new to the team!

Some of them joined us in the summer for Rush Hockey and then decided to give field hockey a go; others found Remnants HC through the new website (Thanks Martina!) and social media. Many had not played hockey since school and some play other sports like netball or football.

This season we are in the 5th Kent league and we have played 8 games so far. We have won 4 games, drawn 1 and lost 3. We have scored 17 goals and let in 18 and we are hoping to get to Christmas with a positive goal difference. We are currently 4th in the league behind Ashford 4s, KSports 2s and Sevenoaks 7s which all are big clubs.

The team has been working really well as a group with newbies getting more confident on the pitch and making a real difference as well as more experienced players able to play to their potential, knowing that everyone knows their role on the pitch.

Training as a team every two weeks (as well as playing Rush hockey once a month) has meant it is easier for the club to grow this season and for everyone to play better as a team. I have been enjoying coaching the team so far this season and seeing the group get better at all aspects of the game.

The team has been going strong since 1992 (!) and in 2019 we are hoping to get a new playing kit (short, shirt, socks) as well as leisure wear (hoodie, tshirt, jogging trousers...). Designing a new kit and sourcing it takes time and money! I am currently busy finalising a few designs to present to the whole team at our christmas do and I am also planning a fundraising campaign to be able to subsidise the cost of the new kits for all our players. If you are interested in supporting our team, get in contact with me or anyone else on the commitee.



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