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London Pride 10K run

by Aurélie

On 11th August, a group of Remnants HC players made their way to Victoria Park in East London to run the 15th London Pride 10K run organised by the Front runners club.

The race is organised by volunteers as a not for profit event. This year's race was in help of the charity Schools Out UK (

About 800 competitors took the start line, including Mel, Lou A, Sabe, Imogen as well Kate and Nic.

Martina and I set up the supporters' area next to the water station and we cheered our runners on as they went around the park 3 times and we even managed to catch them all on the finish line. With the help of Manue and Valerie, we set up a picnic for all our Remnants HC runners.

The atmosphere was great, there were some flamboyant costumes and the sun shined the whole time. The goodie bags were also amazing!

We hope to take part again next year and maybe take part in other sporting events throughout the year.

Here are Remnants HC runners' finish time:

Mel: 00:52:02

Sabe: 01:00:19

Imogen: 01:02:01

Lou A: 01:02:12



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