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Keeping fit during lockdown.

Hi everyone,

Following the government's guidelines, most of us are staying home at the moment, unable to go to the gym or play hockey like we normally do. We do so to keep our family, friends and keyworkers safe. It is not an easy period for anyone but you can still keep fit at home with limited space.

Most days, I try to go out for a walk around the neighbourhood, dance to my favourite music, do some boxing or even join online classes.

This week, I joined other Remnants players for a short session with Estela. It was hard but great fun! I still struggle with quite a few moves because of recent surgery but it was great to exercise as a group. Some of our members have been working with Estela Llanos Personal Training for a few months and we hope to offer some online sessions during the spring and summer to replace our beloved Rush Hockey sessions. More info soon!

In the meantime, I interviewed Estela to find out more about her and what to expect from PT sessions.

What's your job title?

I am a Personal Trainer.

Where are you from?

I am from Villajoyosa, a small city in Alicante, Spain. Beautiful location with lovely beaches!

What area in London do you normally work in?

I'm based in a PT Studio in Deptford. It's spacious and private, just for PT sessions with really cool functional equipment. Some of my clients are locals or come from nearby areas including Greenwich, BlackHeath, New Cross and Lewisham. Some others even come from Streatham Hill!

How, when and why did you become a personal trainer?

I did my PT Course with YMCAFit, which is not only part of the charity but is also one of the top course providers across the UK.I studied at the weekends while I still had my full-time office job and I qualified in February '19 passing all my assignments first-time. It did take me a few years to make the decision to become a PT to be honest. I guess I hit my 30's and one day I had enough of clock-watching in my office job and not doing what really makes me happy; seeing people change for the better, become happier and grow in confidence through exercise and lifestyle changes. So I took the plunge and booked the course and have never looked back! It's so fulfilling when I set a client a challenging task, they give me a 'I-really-dodon't-like-you-right-now' look, but once they've done it and realise they CAN do it, you get to see a huge smile of accomplishment across their face.

What's your favourite part of the job?

Seeing my clients grow in self-confidence, not just aesthetically but also in their minds. It's wonderful to see my clients discover they are capable of so much more than they realised when they put the work in!

How have you adapted your offer during COVID-19?

I now train all my clients online. Some of them have been financially affected and I didn't want them to stop training altogether, so I set up a 30min weekly group online class to ensure they keep moving and working towards their goals. For those that haven't been financially affected, I am fortunate that they are happy to move our 1-2-1 sessions online and want to support me too.

What is your advice for people to keep fit during lockdown?

Set a daily routine, for example;

Monday: Circuit training - Tuesday: outdoor run/walk - Wednesday: stretch/yoga - Thursday: Rest (or a meditative walk) - Friday: Circuit training - Saturday: outdoor run - Sunday: Rest

Vary it up and make it fun, but also make sure you build in some days to do nothing! Our minds and bodies also need to rest. It's important to allow your body to recover, it's part of the progress.


Drink plenty of water

Eat protein and a variety of vegetables

Daily exercise, body & mind

Get 7-8h sleep

Do you have any hobbies apart from fitness?

Donuts and burgers! I eat very well but I also like to treat myself now and again, I do have a sweet tooth! I'm all about balance, 80/20. It's important to fuel your body with nutritious food to stay healthy but it's also important to enjoy the little things in life (and a piece of cake!). I enjoy spending time with my girlfriend in the countryside and trips to the coast. Cinema (horror is my fave!), travelling and exploring new places (and foods - Asia is my top destination!) and soaking up the Spanish sunshine, and spending time with my family and my dog when I visit back home!

What can people expect to happen during a PT session?

To work hard whilst having lots of fun, learn about their body, its incredible capability and its functionality. Clients finish the session feeling elevated, strong, motivated and hungry! They leave the room like the champions they are :)

How can we contact you?

Check my Instagram and Facebook (@estelallanosPT) for health tips, workouts and inspiration!

You can also contact via phone: 07425143530 and email:

Watch out for more information about Remnants Fitness session with Estela. Feel free to contact us for more info on how to join. (

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