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Getting ready for the new season

by Aurelie

Hi everyone,

The new season is upon us and we are starting training on 4th September at 7pm (Colfe's Leisure centre/school on Horn Lane).

Training this season will be on 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month (apart from January). You can check the calendar for dates and we will send a message if it is cancelled because of weather conditions, basically if the pitch is frozen.

Training sessions will last one hour and will be structured as follows:

-Warm up and dynamic stretching

-Stick and ball practice

-Game-related drills

-Mini game

-Warm down

If you are new to hockey or returning after a long period of not playing, it may be useful to read the rules of play. We will cover this during training but it does really help to understand what the rules are and to know what the umpire's gestures mean!

If this is your first time coming to training, here is a list of what you should bring/wear. I have added links from an online shop for your info but there are many other providers and shops:

  • shorts or jogging trousers (depending on weather of course!)

  • t-shirt, long sleeves under-layer, sweatshirt. rain coat (You may want to bring a change of clothes if it is raining)

  • astro shoes (They protect your feet from the very hard ball)

  • shin pads and shinliners for comfort (Feel free to ask other players as there are many types and they need to protect your shins and ankles)

  • mouthguard (probably the most important item... You need to boil it and mould it to your mouth/teeth before use.)

  • gloves (Have a look at the different types, for defenders, attackers and ask others for advice...)

  • water

After training, we usually go for a drink at the Lord Northbrook Pub near Lee station and of course you are welcome to come along!



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